About project

South Baltic Region (SBR) is one of hidden treasures of the heritage tourism in Europe. The potentials of the SBR include cultural heritage of over 1000 years history with magnificent cities and castles as well as natural heritage properties of unspoiled landscapes, cliffs, beaches, sea waters, forests and other objects of wildlife and plant life.

Project BalticDreams aims at creation of the strong perception of SBR as a world class heritage tourism destination and building the common SBR identity as unified cross-borders blue and green (B&G) tourism region.

The key project activity is  design, elaboration and implementation of eight B&G heritage routes – ready to use proposals to plan 1,2,3, week vacations in the region. In adition to that, the key activities will include: creation of cross – borders IT solutions for tourists to enhance vacation plans in the region, creation inspirations for heritage tourism vacation plans, building skills of heritage tourism services providers delivering cross-borders products. The results of the project include: the use of the new routes by the tourist community, wider interest in B&G tourism in SB area, the growth of the number of vacation plans in SBR, significant growth of interest  of world community in SBR. The project will support the growth of the number of bookings and reservations in SBR.


Work Plan