(English) St. James Days in Lębork – 19-21 of July 2019

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The biggest feast in the city last a couple of days and refers both to medieval traditions and the city’s patron, St. James the Apostle. It is a recreational and cultural event combined with the indulgence of St. James. It has traditional, cultural, recreational and commercial events, as well as religious and spiritual elements.

Large numbers of residents and visitors are attracted by the numerous outdoor concerts by well-know artist and regional bands, as well as some from abroad. The following are especially popular: the „Regional Music” Festival, the 10 km Street Run of St. James, the International James Rally, a walk with the spirits of the Teutonic Knights, as well as numerous competitions.

Many attractions await the participants of St. James’ Days on the main promenade in Lębork, Staromiejska Street: a bazaar of traditional craft products, a flea market, an outdoor theatre performance for children, street musicians… everything suffused with colour and joy.

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