The Spiritual Roots of Europe

Route Highlights:
Around the South Baltic area, from Swedish Blekinge, through Danish islands, Mecklenburg, West Pomerania, Polish Pomerania to Lithuanian Samogitia, there are a few thousand temples, places of worship and ones connected with beliefs and religiousness. Although the area is mostly Christian, there is no shortage of sites which prove that before missionaries and knights carrying the news of Jesus got here, local peoples attached great importance to contact with the supernatural world, and their religiousness was deep and earnest. In Lithuania there are still native believers who confidently cultivate the former rituals. The selection of the most important places was quite difficult. Nevertheless, we present almost 100 churches, sacred mountains, sanctuaries and prehistoric cemeteries in 18 locations (Lithuania: Tauragė, Klaipėda, Palanga, Telšiai; Poland: Elbląg, Malbork, Lębork, Koszalin, Kamień Pomorski; Germany: Greifswald, Rügen, Stralsund, Rostock; Denmark: Nykøbing Falster, Roskilde, Bornholm; Sweden: Ystad and Karlshamn). Depending on time and abilities, everyone will surely enrich the suggested set of destinations with others, sacred and religious sites located in the vicinity. Planning your journey along the Baltic trail of religion and beliefs, remember that these are not the only attractions of this part of Europe.

Route Concept 1:
1. R4.A7 (Kashubia) > 2. Słowińskie Park Narodowy > 3. R4.A8 (Central Pomerania) > 4. R4.A9 (Wolin Island and Trzebiatów Coast) > 5. Woliński Park Narodowy + ferry Świnoujście – Ystad > 6. R4.A17 (Ystad and Österlen) > 7. R4.A18 (Eastern Scania and Blekinge) + ferry Karlshamn-Klaipeda > 8. R4.A2 (Little Lithuania) + Kuršių Nerijos Nacionalinis Parkas > 9. R4.A3 (On the Curonian Land) > 10. Žemaitijos Nacionalinis Parkas > 11.R4.A4 (Samogitia).

Route Concept 2:
1. R4.A5 (Warmia) > 2. R4.A6 (By the Lower Vistula River) + ferry Gdynia – Karlskrona > 3. R4.A18 (Eastern Scania and Blekinge) > 4. R4.A17 (Ystad and Österlen) > 5. Kopenhaga > 6. R4.A16 (Eastern Zealand) > 7. R4.A15 (South Zealand, Møn Island and Falster Island) > 8. ferry Nykobing -Rostock + R4.A14 (Mecklemburg) > 9. R4.A12 (Between Stralsund and Barth) > 10-11. R4.A10 (The island of Rügen) + Nationalpark Jasmund > 12. R4.A11
(Greifswald neighbourhood).

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