Business Network

The BHR Business Network Rules

1) Network is devoted to the development of sustainable tourism in the South Baltic Region.
2) The Network is to promote both the promotion of sustainable tourism in the South Baltic Region and the use of its resources for tourism purposes.
3) Any member of the Network has got the right to leave the BHR Business Network at any time.

BHT Business Network List of Members 

BHR Business Network Meeting Place

BHR Business Network Pooling Tool



1. By The Bay – Tourist Offer

2. ATA Przygoda – Tourist Offer

3. PTTK Ciechanów – Tourist Offer

4. REMUS – Tourist Offer

5. Bocianie Gniazdo – Tourist Offer

6. Investudio – Tourist Offer

7. JetBoard Rider -Tourist Offer

8. Eco Technology Tour – Tourist Offer

9. Yoga-on-The-Beach – Tourist Offer

10. Nature and Urban Shapes – Photo Tour Tourist Offer

11. All4You – Tourist Offer

12. Hotele i Turystyka_M_Faligowski_ – Tourist Offer

13. Wierzenia_kulty religijne_Legendy – Tourist Offer

14. Międzynarodowa wyprawa śladami Gryfitów – biznes plan

15. Wyprawa śladami dynastii Gryfitów na Pomorzu Zachodnim – Tourist Offer

16. Unity Line Królewska Podróż – śladami dynastii Gryfitów – Tourist Offer

17. Music and Lyrics – Tourist Offer

18. NP Exploration Plunge TIC – Tourust Offer

19. Litamicus-Tourist Offer

20. Kayaking – Tourist Offer

21. World-of-Fishermen – Tourist Offer


BHR Network Marketplace

Here BHR Business Network members can place their posts. For cyber security reasons members are invited to sent the post to one of the two mailboxes: or . We will do efforts to place your posts as soon as possible.