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Telšiai is situated in Samogitia region, on the shores of Lake Mastis. An important highway passing through Telšiai is the route A11 highway from Šiauliai to Palanga. Trains going on the routes Vilnius–Klaipėda and Radviliškis–Klaipėda pass through the Telšiai railway station. Telšiai can also be reached by bus from many Lithuanian cities and smaller towns in Telšiai county.


Amphiteatre square with the view to the lake Mastis, photo source: wikimedia commons.


Telšiai, the capital of Samogitian region, is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania, dating earlier than the 14th century and built on seven hills.  The town is recognized as a monument of urban development, a heritage site whose old part has a special historical and cultural significance. Telšiai can be described as a very charming town with fantastic landscape on the shore of Lake Mastis where everyone gathers for nice promenades on the coastline, or joins in water sports. The town has iconic landmark and symbol – the bear, so visitors soon get familiar with a lot of sculptures decorating the city in every corner. Telšiai district has many beautiful places to visit such as Šatrija Hill (227km high), a nature preserve, where you can see Samogitia like on the palm, and “Angels Mill” – a unique farmstead on river bank surrounded by dense forest, huge pond and offering various relaxing entertainments. Biržuvėnai royal mansion with beautiful location offers educational activities and the park in Degaičiai which is popular among bicycle tours.


Visit the Open-Air Museum of Rural Life of Samogitia, explore the coastline of the lake Mastis – take a swim in the raft for enjoying afternoon sunset with a little picnic. On the hill in Džiugas café house visitors can participate in workshop of the best Lithuanian hard cheese degustation. Take a cycling tour in Degaičiai park, one of the State parks which exhibit the heaviest bicycle in the world and listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Then visitors can take part in Biržuvėnai education activity ,,Treasure hunt“, climb the Šatrija Hill, and stay in “Angels Mill” farmstead for kayaking activity or spa relaxation.


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