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Sölvesborg is a municipality in Blekinge County in southern Sweden, and it borders to Bromölla, Olofström and Karlshamn municipalities. The city has good transport links by railroad and motorway connecting with other cities in Sweden.


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Sölvesborg (A) is a charming medieval city, proud of fantastic white sandy beaches, picturesque streets and cozy old town area with many local restaurants and shops. The Old town is well preserved and has unique medieval St. Nicolai church with unique wall paintings since 13th century. The main landmark of the city is the bridge (Sölvesborgsbron) across the bay, claimed  Europe’s longest foot and bicycle bridge, and one of the most innovative bridges in the world due to its sculptural shape and spectacular lighting. The Sölvesborg bridge connects the center of this Swedish town with a recently built residential area and Listerlandet peninsula (B,C,D,E), therefore the bay provides a beautiful place for leisure activities such as walking, cycling, or fishing on the shore. Magnificient views of the bay and marina can be enjoyed while having a nice picnic on the bridge and watching romantic sunsets and birdlife around the marina.


Cycling route in Listerlandet (cycling tour 45km) in the peninsula of  Sölvesborg, covering fishing villages of Vasta och Ostra Torso, Istaby,  Hällevik, Stiby backe nature reserve and Nogersund (E) – today one of the Sweden’s largest fishing harbours. Sailing from Norgesund to Hanö (F) island just 25min trip, or by ferry. Regular boat trips are organised from Norgesund port to Hanö island,  a very popular excursion area due to legendary lighthouse which beams its light 40 km across the bay. For more adventure you may have an alternative choice to cycle in the surroundings of Ryssberget hill, made up of some of the oldest stone in Blekinge, so-called metavulcanites created about 1700 million years ago. Popular Ryssberget Mountain Bike Trails are organised daily.

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