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Hanö is an island in Hanö Bay in Mjällby parish in Sölvesborg municipality in Blekinge County, located four kilometres southeast of Listerlands tip.
Hanö has an area of 2.14 km² [2] and a maximum height of about 60 meters. 56° 0′ 37″ N, 14° 50′ 45″ E

Sölvesborg is small town in Blekinge, its lay by the sea and have a lot of small boutiques and restaurants in the city. The big forest Ryssberget have the Blekinge trail and you can be biking and hiking a lot. Near the town there are beaches whit white sand and clear water, there is a lot of camping places, with cottages to rent. 56°1′48″N 14°34′27″E

1.The nice ferry to the Island Hanö, photo source: 


Enjoy wind in the hair and splash on your face – take a boat trip to Hanö Walk on the excellent hiking trails around Hanö. On the north there is a handicap friendly road that takes you to Bönsäcken and the English cemetery where you can also experience Hanös characteristic nature and If you are lucky, you’ll see the deaf dear close. On the south side you walk through the forest or choose to jump on the rocks along the coast.


In the north, grass grows on the moraine field, in the south, impervious bush forests take over. On the eastern side there are imaginative beach parties with giant blocks, caves and deep passages. Bönsäcken is a strange rock reef on the island’s north side, consisting of millions of oval stones. It does not lie still without stirring as the waves move around it! Down in the harbour at Hanö there is a summer restaurant, museum, shop and handicap toilet. Go on a picnic, discovery or take a break with wonderful views of the sea.


Heritage Class: [ IS] Island
Subclass [LB]: Landscape beauty

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