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One of the most beautiful streets in the spa-style architecture on the German Baltic sea coast is the „Wilhelmstraße” in the Baltic seaside resort Sellin. The splendid hotel and pension buildings delight the eye with its abundantly decorated verandas and balconies. Especially the numerous art nouveau villas present itself in playful lightness and creative diversity. Most of the more than one hundred years old buildings were lavishly and lovingly restored after the political turn.

Whoever spends his or her holiday here, can feel the lifestyle of an epoch long ago. The magnificent avenue was built in 1896 at the instigation of the Prince of Putbus, whose name it bears again today. The first building was erected the same year – Hotel Fürst Wilhelm (Hotel Prince William). There is a beautiful new building today, erected in the style and following the tradition of the spa-architecture. All in all – the new „Wilhelmstraße” presents itself colourful, modern and self-confident.


Class: [ C ] Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage Properties

Subclass: Architectural complexes

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