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(English) IU295. RÜGEN ISLAND

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Rügen island is Germany’s largest island by area, located off the Pomeranian coast in the Baltic Sea with its county seat in Stralsund, linked to the mainland by road and railway via the Rügen Bridge and Causeway.


The White Cliff, photo source: photo by Freddie Bijkerk.


Rügen island has a lot of scenic places to offer for visitors in unique resort towns of Sassnitz, Binz, Sellin, Putbus within eye-catching unique architecture, the diverse landscapes and long, sandy beaches. The island is famous for the World’s Heritage Site – Jasmund National Park and the White Cliff,  the main landmark of  Rügen. Another unique place for a breathtaking view of the island is at the Treetop path of the Naturerbe Zentrum, made as an eagle’s nest where visitors climb 40 meter high observation tower where everyone can see not only the island, but also the church spiers of Stralsund and the pylons of the Rügenbrücke in good weather. Rügen can be explored in many ways, by bicycle, boat trip, drive car or even by “Rasender Roland”, the historic narrow-gauge railway and enjoy authentic and pleasant experience while admiring diverse views of the island with a comfortable speed of 30 km /h. A lot of sailing, surfing, windurfing activities can be taken in Rügen island.


·      Visit  the Jasmund National Park,  only 500 meters you walk on the beach promenade from restaurant „Gastmahl des Meres” in Sassnitz.

·      Stop at Binz, a very elegant and charming resort town perfect for romantic lunch break at Strandcafe, in sunny terrace in front of Mediteranean Sea often referred as a magical place for magnificient view. Have a walk in the town where yo may be astonished by sophisticated design of old houses, bath villas, buildings combining Art Nouveau, Classicism and baroque elements.

·      Sellin resort town has the longest pier of 394 metres on Rügen island, and is popular for outstanding landscape of the Baltic Sea coast on the pier.

·      Putbus town must also be visited on the way, famous for “the Circus Putbus”, a strictly structured park in the form of a circular with an obelisk in the middle, and the marina in Lauterbach district. You can spent here overnight in fabulous floating houses on the shore and have dinner at the best fish restaurant “Raucherschiff Berta”. Nearby in Lauterbach, the forest area Goor can be founded – an ideal place for walking hikes through Rügen’s riparian forest.