First exploration trip – kayaking

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Team of 8 water-curious enthusiasts kicked off the 10 day adventure in 3 beautiful countries – Sweden, Poland and Lithuania. Trip started by visiting port town of Karlshamn.

Next day participants dipped canoes in southern part of Immeln lake. Lake Immeln was relatively calm, but team members were a bit surprised by waves when their canoes entered wider section of the lake. Next day they went to big lake of Ivösjön: rocky shores, constelation of islands and herons overhead.

While resting in one of the rocky islands participants pondered that people come to canoe in these lakes to restore their inner balance – beauty of nature definitely has a healing power. Goal in Poland was Brda river, Chojnice and Leba towns, Tuchola forest national park (which is surounded by big Zaborski landscape park).

Chosen Brda river stretch was simple – easy navigation, moderate waterflow. Just after some time participants started to realize that there is something special – they saw a lot of birds – from ducks, to swans, herons and various other species. Curonian Spit– this is an unique water route in Lithuania. Plateliai lake in Samogitia National Park – this is the largest and deepest lake in Samogitia region, famous for its gorgeous surroundings and its cultural significance.